Siding Installation & Repair

A durable and long-lasting material, vinyl siding requires little maintenance other than a good washing to keep it looking fresh. Vinyl siding is generally less expensive than most other types of siding, but unless it’s of good quality may fade over time. If you live in a particularly windy area, look for guarantees about its durability in such conditions.

Vinyl Soffit protects the underside of your roof. It provides ventilation that prevents heat build-up and humidity from damaging your attic. You can also add soffit to the underside of staircases, cornices and beams to protect those areas from water damage.

Fascia is the vertical covering that connects the roof to the soffit. It’s the finished edge of the roof, to which gutters are attached. On a residential home, the fascia is usually built of aluminum or wood. Fascia can be painted to create an appealing contrast to roof and siding colors

Gutters protect your foundation from water damage by funneling any rain or snowmelt from the sides of your home. Without gutters, water would run down the exterior walls and pool around your home, leading to compromised foundations and leaky basements.

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